About me and my photos

                                  "As I was looking through the windowpane 
                                                .... I noticed my reflection....
                                                             and suddenly...I was dreaming…."

  I started my involvement in art like many do, as a kid, encouraged and inspired by my mom who was very artistically talented. I continued by taking art classes in school and college. I did all kinds of things including pencil and charcoal, acrylic painting, sculpture, pastels, and more. I considered having a career in commercial art, but realized that it suited me better as my hobby. Gradually I became more involved in my other interest, music. I became a Rock-Blues guitarist. After years of playing I was missing the artist part of me. I always wanted to try photography, so I went to our local flea market and found a camera for $20. A 35mm nikon-f ,circa 1960's.

 This is where the story of my photos began. I always looked at myself as an artist with a camera rather than a photographer. I am a big fan of photographers and love all the different styles. The same with art and artists. Abstract Art has always been my strongest interest. I started taking pictures and learning my camera in 1991. It dawned on me that film could be looked at as a canvas with an infinite array of colors. With that in mind I set out to find a way to make abstract prints on film. It took me a whole year to finally open the door that led to the work that I am now displaying. I now use a digital camera and a scanner.

   Dancing with the Abstract….

 I consider the interaction between my art, myself and my existence, a dance with the abstract. I was looking for Beauty and Abstract imagery in the world around us and here is what I found. Thank you for coming here to take a look at my Abstract Photography and Scanography. Hope you enjoy….