Monday, February 14, 2011

                                                                                                 Rick Evans
Welcome to my Portfolio

Out of the Blue


Reaching the Dream Body

Taking Flight


Just Around the Bend

We have all been Here before

Whispers in the Wind

Horse Play



These are more recent samples of images that I have produced since starting this project in 1991. Thanks for viewing.
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                                               About my Art

  I use a camera and a scanner as a way of making prints in the style of abstract expressionism. I see my artwork as a Playground for the imagination and feelings of the viewer, taking on a myriad of different looks and moods. My art is a reflection of the Dance with my inner being and is my journey    ..." Into The Abstract " 
 All my images are in-camera or in-scanner captures. The Photos are macro, motion, and reflection photography. The Scanner work is motion and static scans. Over years of experimentation I have discovered techniques and ways of working. At the present all my work is being produced as Metal Prints 
(Dye Sublimation on Aluminum). High gloss, deeply saturated, beautiful visual impact.

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All works COPYRIGHTED by Rick Evans